CellRESET® is a lifestyle programme -

a revolution in the world of dietetics and sports. It combines a therapeutic diet (no grains and allergens) and natural vitamin and mineral supplements.

The central approach – through which cellRESET® distinguishes itself from other nutrition and metabolism programmes, is the aim to eliminate the existing insulin resistance, a result of a carbohydrate rich diet. Due to the increased nutrient and oxygen absorption in around all 70 billion cells, the mitochondria (“power plants of the cell”) are able to produce energy effectively.

CellRESET® programme consists of three phases and can be used by EVERYONE: Elderly and young, obese and slim, sick and healthy, athletes and smokers, people with allergies and diabetics, vegans and many more…

Simply everyone, who wants to be healthier, slimmer and fitter!

In our Clinic, we help everyone who wants to change their life
and health for the better. We have an individual approach to all of our Clients.


But if you want to begin this journey now, you can get the basic products needed for this programme on the page below: 


You can also download the PDF file - CR almost all about

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