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Whereby we present the Alfa Aktiv ®

  1. The world's first negatively ionized diet supplement

  2. Increases the body's efficiency by 16%

  3. Regulates blood pressure

  4. Possesses anti-fungi and de-acidifying properties

  5. Normalizes sugar levels in the blood

  6. Cleanses the thyroid and kidneys from toxins

  7. Strengthens hair

  8. Eliminates the hangover effect


Practice has shown that when using Alfa Aktiv we have the following results:


1. Brain – improvement of the memory and cognitive processes, intracranial pressure is reduced and chronic fatigue syndrome subsides. Acidic compounds and toxins are removed from the brain tissues, while endorphins are released in the brain. This leads to general mood and wellbeing improvement.

2. Thyroid - expulsion of 90% of thyroid toxins within 45 days. The functions of this gland are returned.

3. Lungs - studies on a spirometer have shown that 25 min after drinking Alfa Aktiv lung capacity is increased by 16%, which increases the efficiency of the body. As a consequence, more oxygen reaches the body.

4. Heart - in 90% of cases in three to four weeks, arterial hypertension disappears completely. The absorption of minerals improves considerably, and as a consequence abnormal heart rhythm disappears, allowing the heart to work less and for the pulse rate to decrease.

5. Pancreas - taking Alfa Aktiv significantly reduces blood sugar levels and normalizes it - in both type 2 diabetes (acquired) as well as type 1 diabetes (autoimmune). Taking the product reduces insulin resistance and leads to the recovery of the pancreatic cell function. The VEGA test examination on the Delta Scan showed that the pancreatic organ was purified of 80% of toxins within 42 days of using Alfa Aktiv.

6. Intestines - regular use of Alfa Aktiv kills anaerobic bacteria and fungi from the genus Candida. It normalizes the secretion of enzymes and restores the normal bacterial flora. Asa consequence, the work of the intestines and stomach is regulated. Important: in order to restore the proper functioning of the intestines, a special non-combination diet is necessary.

7. Stomach - drinking negatively ionized Alfa Aktiv restores the proper secretion of gastric juices as well as digestive enzymes. It improves the stomach's work and intestines, eliminating fungal bacterial infections in the gastrointestinal tract. It detoxifies the body and leads to the acid-alkaline balance of the body.

8. Kidneys - the excretion of sand and kidney stones occurs. This may cause pain in the initial period of taking the preparation. It is advisable to drink a large amount of still water over 2l per day. The VEGA test on the Delta Scan showed that after 42 days of taking Alfa Aktiv, 82% of toxins were removed from the kidneys.

9. Ovaries / prostate / testicles - such ailments as endometriosis or polycystic ovary syndrome disappear completely while taking Alfa Aktiv during 6 to 8 weeks. In women with endometriosis there may appear blood spotting and pain of the ovaries at about the third / fourth week of use of the product. This is associated with the cleansing of cysts from the ovaries and uterus. In men with oligospermia there is an increase in the number of motile sperm and an improvement in the condition of the semen. This leads to increased fertility in both men and women. Regular use of Alfa Aktiv results in improved erection in men with hypertension and circulatory disorders.

10.  Alfa Aktiv also effectively removes gout.

11.  Alfa Aktiv has very strong antiradical effect.

12.  A significant reduction in the number of hair loss was demonstrated when taking Alfa Aktiv.

13.  Alfa Aktiv helps with hangover symptoms (you should drink the Alfa Aktiv bottle before and after drinking alcohol).

How to use Alfa Aktiv:

1. The contents of the bottle should be drank directly after opening, preferably 15 minutes before a meal. REMEMBER - shake the bottle before drinking.

2. After 1 min after drinking the liquid from the bottle, drink a minimum of 200 ml of still water (maximizes the absorption of the supplement).

3. Due to the fact that the Alfa Aktiv formula increases the assimilation of nutrients, please take care to eat a healthy diet  during the treatment process and consume large amounts of non-carbonated water. Thanks to this, you will speed up the regenerative and cleansing effect on your body. During the treatment, it is suggested to completely stop the consumption of milk and alcohol.


External use: apply a layer of Alfa Aktiv to wounds which are difficult to heal, calluses, ulcers and spots with allergic and inflammatory changes. In difficult cases, use a compress with the Alfa Aktiv liquid.

The use of the Alfa Aktiv diet supplement: children from 3 to 10 years, half of the bottle a day, adult’s 1-2 bottles a day.

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